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Top places to hang out in Gaborone

Top places to hang out in Gaborone

Have you been busy throughout the week and trying to figure out on where to hang out with friends? Gaborone, Botswana’s capital provides you with the best nightlife possible. As much as most of the nightclubs don’t operate up to 7am or 8am, the shortest time enjoyed in the city is always worth it. The choice to attend nightclub greatly depends on your preferences; food, dancing styles, type of music, and security of the area. We are providing you with a list of the most attended places to help you pick on the best that suite you.

Main desk

An ample place located in the mall. It’s usually attended by both local citizens and tourists. The place offers the best atmosphere which gives one the freedom to hang out at any time of the day. You want to go out with friends or make a new crew while having one or two drinks? Then the Main desk is the place to be.

Rodizio Brazilian Restaurant

Are you of samba dance and Brazilian delicacies? Then the perfect place to find all that is at Rodizio. The area offers Brazilian cocktails and meat which is prepared in the right way depending on your take. Frequent samba parties are hosted in the restaurant.

Masa square

This is a hotel which offers you variety of options. After taking your dinner and you think of having drinks as you listen to some cool music, Masa is surrounded by good bars to give that. Though be warned that the bars are relatively not cheap.

The Cigar Lounge

It’s located in Mowana park shopping center. It’s the place to have a drink while watching some Hollywood movies on a red carpet and an excellent place with good atmosphere allowing you to hang out with friends.

Chez Nicolas Lounge and Jessys Bistro

The music played in Chez varies giving you a chance to listen to a variety of music when you visit the restaurant. Thematic parties are always organized in the restaurant.


The friendly and warm staff makes the place to stand out amongst others. You have the opportunity of having a variety of dishes as you have your drink at the same time.


The friendly atmosphere at the place makes it possible to host any event like business meeting, meeting friends, taking a beer or having dinner. Music played is good, and they have plenty of food on their menu.

Liban and sky lounge

It’s the only lodge in town that is rich in Lebanese culture. It gives the guests an opportunity to view the city from inside. It used to be for the registered members only, but currently, anyone is in a position to attend.

Millennium jazz bar

The restaurant plays jazz music favoring the jazz fans. At times they organize live bands. If you’re young, you won’t enjoy the music since the music is highly recommended for the older generation.

Boulevard Restaurant and Sport Bar

The place gives one chance to have a drink as you watch your favorite European team playing. It has big screens and free from interferences.



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