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Top and Most Common Plumbing Issues

Top and Most Common Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems in your house in Botswana can range from little to major, such as a leaking bathroom to a drainage system stoppage.
Here are some most prevalent problems with reasons, and their solutions are listed below.

Slow drainage

A clog is the most prevalent reason for slow drainage. Soap and fat are common causes of clogs in major homes. As these things build up inside your pipes, they block the system and make it impossible for water to flow freely.

Tubs / Washroom Gutter Obstruction

Soap scum and clogs of hair that develop on the drain’s walls are the most common cause of slow emptying bathtubs and shower drains. This issue can be solved by purchasing a drain guard to stop hair and other material from getting into it.

Dripping taps

It is a very common problem, and most people have to face it. Wastage of water affects your water bill. The most common reason for leaky taps is an internal washer that has become damaged or worn with time. Fixing the problem is accomplished with the usage of the proper tools.

Running toilet

Overflow water spilling down into the bowl from the tank via the overflow tube is one of the most prevalent reasons for a running toilet. When there is too much water in the tank, this happens. This is a rather simple remedy that can be accomplished with a toilet repair kit available at any hardware shop.
Sewer backups

It is something you should avoid at all costs. This happens when wastewater does not properly drain away from your home due to damage or blockage. It can be costly to repair. You are responsible for resolving the problem if it occurs in your owned property.

Leaking pipelines

Leaky pipes can be a reason for damaging one’s walls, furniture, and as well as floors. Leaks are almost always seen at pipe joints. Using compounds, tape, and fillers can be a temporary fix, but fittings or a section of pipe should be replaced to fix it permanently.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure can cause to leak of water out of your tap. Leakage of damaged pipes is the reason for reducing water pressure. If the water pressure is low throughout the house, it is most likely due to a malfunction of the pressure regulating valve, which must be adjusted or replaced by a plumber.



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